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Step 3: Setup of the DATEV API via DATEV Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0
Step 3: Setup of the DATEV API via DATEV Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0
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If all requirements have been met, the interface can be set up under Settings - Accounting - DATEV. In the right area, you can see the current connection status. By clicking on "Connect DATEV Datenservices" the process of initial linking is started.

After clicking on "Connect DATEV Datenservices" you will be redirected to DATEV. Please log in with DATEV SmartLogin or DATEV SmartCard and grant Pliant permission to read the user ID and company details. You will then be redirected back to the Pliant app. Please select the DATEV client you want to connect to your organization in Pliant from the dropdown menu.

After selecting the client you will be redirected to DATEV again. there you now have to give Pliant the authorization to transfer data to the financial accounting for the previously selected client.

The authorization can be revoked at any time - either in the Pliant app or in the "Connected apps" web app provided by DATEV.

Subsequently, the status of the connection is displayed as active.

Note: The fields in the left area (advisor number, client number, start of the business year as well as G/L account length) are automatically imported into Pliant by DATEV after a successful connection.

The API setup must be done once and can be removed at any time by clicking "Disconnect" if necessary.

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